Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Winter Little Bird Baskets

The baskets are taking off, I couldn't be happier. Each one gets better and better and the vision becomes more solid. I am starting to get some new ideas for holiday baskets with specialty breads and jams. I am going to do potted paper whites and crocuses instead of cut flowers for the winter months.

I have been preparing my garden for next spring getting it beefed up with good organic fertilizer and lots of wildflowers for cut arrangements. I can't wait to see what starts popping up next spring, and its to soon to be thinking about that yet I have all winter to daydream about my garden. There is a sweet little moss garden that has started on its own on the north side of my house I am going to add to it and hopefully start some terrariums and little potted gardens. Dakorah Designs has so inspired me and this should prove to be a good winter hobby for the cooped up gardener.

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Dakorah Diva said...

Awwww You inspire me all the time with your new baskets! :) Thanks hon :)