Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Winslow School

Here is my sweet logo that my friend Erin Arkie Style, made for me. Now how to make it fit properly at the top of the page. Resize is probably the way to go. I can't even imagine what my children will be able to do on the computer. My school, The Winslow Squirrels, didn't even have computers when I was there. The school k-12th consisted of about 300 students. The town its self was a little over 300 population. Lots of kids commuting in from way out in the sticks.

The school has consolidated. I feel sad that small towns and small schools are shutting down.
That is the way of the interstate. The whole town has lost what was left of its community life when the school shut down.

Monday, September 14, 2009


Lavender, it should always be planted where it can be brushed up against and you can smell it every time you walk by. I kept mine by the front porch till it died this summer. This is a picture of it from earlier in the year. There is always a grieving when you loose a great plant that has been so well established. Time to find another one.
I am helping with my sons garden club at school, it meets once a month. I will be adding some pictures of the progress. We start this Thursday.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Summers end, to and early Fall

So here is my back yard about a month ago. Everything is huge! MY pole beans and gourds tried to take over the telephone line and the neighbor hood. I have to use a 6 foot ladder to harvest the pole beans. I'll rethink that next year, and probably stick to the bush variety.
Almost everything has been pulled up, its looking pretty bare now. If I didn't have children there would be no such thing as grass in my yard, but I guess they need somewhere to play.
I'm ready for fresh greens, I think naturally we crave vegetables and fruits seasonally. It keeps to a much more simple diet considering I don't have acres and acres of land to plant more varieties.
Today lunch is roasted eggplant and tomato soup. The eggplant was fresh from my family's garden in Pine Bluff and the tomatoes were stewed and canned earlier this summer.