Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Winslow School

Here is my sweet logo that my friend Erin Arkie Style, made for me. Now how to make it fit properly at the top of the page. Resize is probably the way to go. I can't even imagine what my children will be able to do on the computer. My school, The Winslow Squirrels, didn't even have computers when I was there. The school k-12th consisted of about 300 students. The town its self was a little over 300 population. Lots of kids commuting in from way out in the sticks.

The school has consolidated. I feel sad that small towns and small schools are shutting down.
That is the way of the interstate. The whole town has lost what was left of its community life when the school shut down.


Dakorah Diva said...

Hey I know Erin! We played kickball together in Little Rock! She designed out team shirts too. :) She does good work. LOVE the Little Bird logo.

Anonymous said...

Hey I know that school, that small town! I just found your blog by link-hopping and knew your name and face. I love that it's still a small world, even online. As a Yingling I'm no stranger to baskets - good luck!