Friday, October 9, 2009

New Baskets

Here are a few of the new baskets I have made over the past few weeks. I love to see how the flower arrangements and goods change seasonally. Its always new and different.
I am waiting for my fall garden to take hold, there will be many greens and root vegetables. I planted fingerling potatoes, though It may be to harsh of a winter for them to work out.
I pruned my raspberry bushes the other day and plan on digging them and find a new home for them, I'm going to focus on my black berries. They have a much higher yield for me.

I will have some mulled blackberry vinegar ready in about a month, it sounds amazing and will be a great addition to future baskets.

Sweet Baby Basket

Fresh rosemary wreath


A "cheery" disposition said...

wow those are great baskets

pearl said...

thanks so much. I love how personal they can be.