Monday, November 23, 2009


The good thing about Little Bird Baskets Is that when a basket is ordered for my friends I feel like its from me too. I love knowing what kind of image to put on the tea towel and what color to embroider it so it will look the best in their kitchen. To know more than a name. This basket was ordered for my friend Kyran Pittman, from her sweet mama. It was great to gift it for her mom, I love being the one that hands the basket over. Its just immediate happiness. Kyran Is an inventive and very funny writer check her out Notes to Self. She also took these pictures of her basket, they are lovely.


natalie said...

hello! i met you at starving artist's cafe on saturday! your baskets are beautiful :) i'll keep checking back here to see your new ideas :)

pearl said...

thanks you.

Kyran said...

still loving my basket of goodies! xo