Saturday, May 7, 2011

Rebirth, a year later

Well I dropped the ball about a year ago and just up and quit making baskets. Friends and family pasted away as well as a couple of chickens. We realized what a poorly built coop we had and gave our remaining 2 girls to a friend. My garden dried up and winter hit, so did the blues. Winter is always the hardest time for a gardener. There is a therapy for your soul that happens in the earth and dirt that nothing else can give you. I'm trying to lean to appreciate the gardening chores that are done in the winter but they just are not as rewarding as a ripe tomato.
Growing up in the middle of the Mountains, in a 200 square foot log cabin my family built, demanded a life outside year round. My husband is always worried about the kids getting sick if they go outside on a rainy or snowy day and I worry their brains will rot if they don't get outside and live life in all weather. I think it makes them strong, their creativity and their immune systems and he worries that they will catch pneumonia. I miss the chore of getting the firewood and working to make the fire before we could get dinner started and the closeness it can bring people when you work for the basic needs to get through each day.
So in hopes of bringing more joy to my life and my families, I am bring back Little Bird Baskets. Hopefully full of jams, jellies, eggs (from our new hens in their new coop) and an abundance of lovely veggies.

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konah said...

Good to hear! Living like that definitely brings out a different side of a person and gives them (us) skills that are becoming few in the general population. Every time I go back to the "woods" I fear that I'll have forgotten how to walk through the forest: not see snakes, avoid ticks know what plants to stay away from. But it all comes back instantaneously. A weight seems to drop and true relaxation sets in. Hope to see you this summer!