Thursday, January 7, 2010

Winter garden

Sweet little green house
protecting my mustard greens

Jerusalem Artichokes
winter harvest
I have been slowly creating a garden that produces year round. We have an exteremely small yard and I have expectations for a high yeild of food from it. This little green house structure is really doing the job. I have some mustard greens going strong and a few volunteer cilantro plants. There is one more green house row with a few more greens and some lettuce that probably won't make it through the low temperatures this week.
The jerusalem artichokes were plentiful! I planted a couple of rows against our back fence and plan on pickling the rest. Is nice to continue the garden work year round, it keeps you on your toes with excitement about the spring.
The cold weather gets to me pretty quick and I need a pick me up, so I have been looking at seed catalogs Burpee and Bakers Creek Heirloom Seeds.
These are both great places to find good standards and unique plants, I always want to try new veggies but have a hard time giving up space to my tried and trusted stand-bys.


Jessica Massey Benton Lobdell said...

I just learned hot to make Jerusalem Artichoke chips. So good! There is a recipe in the January 2010 Bon Apetite. Basically, slice the artichokes very thin, the fry in heated vegi oil... sprinkle with salt and crushed rosemary from your garden. Yummy!

pearl said...

oh, I'm going to try that this week. Sounds great. Thanks.